Zodiac monkeys Lapel Pins significance

Zodiac monkeys Lapel Pins significance

Here are the different meanings of the zodiac monkey Lapel pins.

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Zodiac monkeys Lapel Pins significance

The First Symbolic Significance of Monkeys: Wisdom and Wisdom

Monkeys are the closest primates to human wisdom. Intelligence and hyperactivity are their obvious characteristics. Monkeys can do some human actions and understand human behavior.

Skilled in climbing and extremely dexterous.

Therefore, in many cultures, monkeys are symbols of intelligence and evolution.

Therefore, it is loved and respected by people.

The second symbolic meaning of monkeys: high officials and high salaries

Monkeys are generally regarded as mascots by the Han people.

Because of the homonym between monkey and Hou, in many pictures, the image of monkey means feudal.

If a monkey climbs on a maple tree and hangs a seal, it means to seal the marquis.

A monkey rides on horseback, taking the meaning of “horseback feudal”;

These patterns are often used in folk buildings, such as stone carvings, brick carvings, wood carvings and so on.

Feudal lords from generation to generation expressed people’s pursuit of fame and wealth in feudal society.

The third symbolic meaning of monkeys: naughty and playful

Monkeys themselves are not easy to tame, and hyperactivity, playfulness and naughtiness are symbols on the other hand.

Moreover, monkeys are good at imitation and are often used to satirize human vanity and other vices.

Monkeys rank ninth in the twelve zodiac, and belong to the twelfth dominant zodiac.

So the “Shenshi” in the twelve hours of a day, from three to five in the afternoon, is also called “monkey time”.