Yellow ribbon pins pray safe back

Yellow ribbon pins

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What is the meaning of yellow ribbons???

It has many different meaning: mourning, missing, praying, hope, looking forward to important people safe.

There are some stories about the yellow ribbons.

custom ribbon pinsIn 1979, the Iran hostage crisis broke out.
At that time, the Republicans in the United States encouraged the people to use the yellow ribbons to express their nostalgia for the hostages.
In the mid – 80s, Reagan made full use of the topic that Vietnam still had American captives.
The yellow ribbon movement was launched again.
The Yellow Ribbon represents a kind of care and support for the hostage or the unidentified captives.
This is the “yellow ribbon” to show concern for the unidentified.
With the globalization of American culture, it spread.
In the Bai Xiaoyan case, before the body was found, many people were wearing yellow ribbons.

Yellow Ribbon lapel pins speak such a large number of different stories.