Yellow Butterfly Enamel Pins

Yellow Butterfly Enamel Pins – The Stock Yellow Butterfly Enamel Pins


Do you like butterfly badges?


The beautiful yellow butterflies in the butterfly Enamel Lapel Pins dance silently in the maple forest.


It was a beautiful yellow butterfly, with light lace embedded on the beige wings, as if it had nothing to do with the color of maple leaves in the forest.


From it, I can feel that this yellow butterfly Enamel Lapel Pin represents the dance of life.

Yellow Butterfly Enamel Pins

Yellow Butterfly Pins

Think about it, how great it is for an unknown butterfly to prop up that hot maple forest alone!


Perhaps, you will be proud of wearing the Yellow Butterfly Enamel Lapel Pin. Perhaps, wearing the Yellow Butterfly Enamel Lapel Pin, you are only leaving the last trace of your life – although she is not conspicuous.


She danced her body, like a tornado, with a little fragrance of Gardenia blooming in late summer. The fragrance is faint, but it is like a long time unwilling to leave, wandering in this untimely late autumn. The maple leaves on the tree are tottering, perhaps it is the mood rendered by the aroma.


A gust of autumn wind swept across the earth heroically. Suddenly, the whole world seemed to become turbid and disordered, but only the butterfly hovered around the world and stroked its wings. She bowed her head and flew silently along the track of the world – perhaps she could never look back. But when you can’t see her, she may fly against the world.

Why they love the yellow butterfly enamel pins?

Just love this butterfly pin. I ordered 3 different pins bee ,lavender and butterfly. The shipment was fast. All are so beautiful.

Absolutely beautiful pin, beautifully detailed, beautifully made, everything about it is beautiful. It came way quicker than what I was expecting with great care, and is just the perfect size to fit on my lanyard!


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