Xiandao Zhang Emblem

Dunk master

Xiandao Zhang Emblem

Xiandaozhang, as his name is, is a free and easy style both inside and outside the basketball court. He is the most perfect man in the badge.

One meter nine tall, with all-round style of play, super scoring ability, gentle and steady, will win or lose very light. His classic quotation is: “If you want to surpass me, you have to practice as hard as you can.” Compared with the cold Liuchuan Maple badge, the immortal badge is more welcomed by the vast number of female friends.

In this group of cartoon badges, the masters mostly compete with each other, and Xiandao is a different kind: for Cherry wood, Xiandao and coach Anxi found his amazing talent as early as possible, and from time to time showed his appreciation of Cherry wood, which was criticized by the coach as “growing the will of others”, and encouraged Cherry wood to work hard to train and strive to surpass himself as soon as possible.

Although on the court, from time to time people feel the desire to win from the bottom of their hearts, but most of the time, he always maintained a calm and relaxed attitude of the game, as a tall ball-handler, in addition to the irresistible scoring ability, but also the team badges can be casually linked, which makes Xiandao at the beginning of the “strong over Liuchuanfeng” capital.

In this joyful atmosphere badge design, let fairy way have a mood beyond everyone. Basketball is only a part of his leisure life. Without competition, he often goes fishing at the seaside of Kanagawa. Sendao’s youth is elegant and calm.