Wholesale bee lapel pins

Bee Pins

Our top quality custom bee pins are popular and welcome in the clients. We design and wholesale custom bee animal lapel enamel pins at cheap price, from our China factory. Our bee enamel pins filled with soft enamel or hard enamel. Some die struck no enamel pins also welcome in the market.

Honey bee pins and the bumble bee pins in bulk can be designed as a 3D, hard enamel or soft enamel surface looking.

We also do the custom bee patches with the bee shape and iron back.  Wholesale the bee medals for the handwork bees.

We all love the bees.

Auto DraftBees, how many litterateur have praised it since ancient times? Its hard work, wisdom and spirit of serving others without asking for repayment are even more admirable.

Some people say that hard bees don’t have time to mourn. Yes! We humans also need to learn the spirit of bees. To do anything, as long as the effort, there is a harvest. On the contrary, if you do not work hard, you will fail.

The life of bees is very short, but for bees, it is very substantial. In addition to working or working, the worker bees never rest well and catch their breath. Because they know their lives are too short to waste a minute or two. But we humans are very different. Some people eat, drink, prostitute and gamble all the time.

The size of a bee is almost the size of a fly, but they are far better than flies. The spirit of sweats that they give sweats to people is worth learning.

Bees recognize the road by their eyes. It is said that a scientist put 10 bees in the open space 1000 meters away, and three days later, 7 of them went home. Therefore, experiments prove that bees use their eyes to recognize the way.

Bees, I love your diligence, wisdom and unity.