white dog named Enamel Lapel pins

This is a little white dog named Enamel Lapel pin

Inside Lapel pins, the puppy was covered in snow-white fur.

It’s designed according to our little white dog.

My little white feels soft, like wearing a clean white sweater.

A pair of big eyes turn like two black gems.

There are small ears on the top of the head, flat nose, often very wet.

Grandma said it was a sign of puppy health.

The pointed tail is very flexible and often sways from side to side.

But if you hurt the dog, it will bark.

The tail is also between the legs. It’s a bit like the book “running away with the tail in it”.

I like watching white dogs eat most.

One day, I took a piece of meat. The little white dog saw it and turned round me.

I threw the meat up, the little white dog jumped up, opened its mouth and bited.

Then it holds the meat with its forefoot and tears it bit by bit with its teeth.

It was so delicious that I soon got down.

After eating, he licked his mouth with his tongue, as if he was relishing the meal he had just eaten.

It’s also fun to sleep with a white dog.

When the weather is warm, the little white dog likes to lie down on the ground and sleep, with his forefoot stretched forward and his hind legs stretched backward.

Or lie comfortably with four feet in the same direction.

When winter comes, the little white dog is afraid of the cold.

It buried its head tightly between its legs, curled up and fell asleep.

If the puppy is happy, he will sleep on all fours and his stomach will be bulging with his breath.

The little white dog wakes up and stretches.

It stretches its forefoot long, takes a breath, and arches its body. It’s lovely.

So far, I really want a small white enamel pins, one that can be clipped to the small white body. One can be worn on the clothes I have. I also want to make custom embroidery patches, pasted on the small white clothes. Keep it warm.

Of course, if possible, without restriction on the number of orders.

It’s also a good choice to make custom white dog coins.