Wedding enamel pins for classmates

Wedding enamel pins for classmates

My high school classmates told me on the Internet that Xiao Ying was married with a license. I’m going to give them a wedding badge. And send me their wedding photos. A couple of couples in the red photograph are like golden children and jade girls. They match each other very well. Better Finish Company make the wedding enamel pins no minimum order. Also design and create custom coins.

I stared at Xiao Ying’s bright forehead. Suddenly I was curious. Does the groom know that Xiao Ying used to have hair on her forehead? A perfect wedding photo can be printed on the badge.

Xiao Ying is my high school roommate. At that time, we were very good, mobile phones were not popular. My bed was close to the fixed telephone. She often lay in my bed and used IC card to make phone calls. She clapped her small face and showed her hair on her forehead. When I saw it for the first time, I was shocked. “Why is your forehead covered with hair?” She took off the microphone and hissed, “It’s not evolving well!” Originally, her hair was vigorous, her forehead was full of hair, the hairline was blurred, and it was frightening to pull it up. She usually kept Qiliuhai, so that people could not see her forehead easily.

Even if she hadn’t evolved well, she was still a beautiful woman. Beautiful women should have their own badges to commemorate. Or custom-made commemorative coins, it won’t cost much.

Wedding enamel pins for classmates

In fact, she is not really beautiful. All the men in our family have met her.

It’s not as beautiful as I said. Yes, strictly speaking, she is not beautiful at all. She has small eyes, single eyelids and nose collapse.

Especially a jagged tooth is not a beautiful woman.

But she is still rated as Banhua by many people, which is probably related to her growing up in Shenzhen. When she was a child, she lived and went to school with her family in Shenzhen.

Because of the problem of household registration, we can’t go back to our hometown for senior high school only after the college entrance examination in Shenzhen.

The rural girls who have seen the world are naturally more elegant than those who have to work in the fields after school.

And her skin is excellent, white and delicate, and lovely.

I like her very much. She has a lively and enthusiastic personality and a sweet and crisp voice.

We are very good, almost inseparable.

When walking with her, boys often look at her.

I joked with her: “With you, I also enjoy the rate of return.” Wearing a special badge also has a lot of turnaround.

We went to the supermarket to buy things. Even my boss saved odds because he liked her.

Because I like it, I treat her very well. I get up early and go to the canteen to help her buy breakfast.

Of course, she was also good to me, scolded the boys who were good to her but bullied me, helped me wash clothes, and told me the story of her boyfriend in junior high school.

I know many boys like him, but very few people chase her tomorrow, because most of the boys who are close to her know that she has a boyfriend from a junior high school classmate.

They split and merged for several years, and throughout high school, she talked to him on the phone in my bed.

He is in Shenzhen. She met him in Shenzhen junior high school.

In her description, he is a thin, straight boy, melancholy, but intelligent and interesting.

Every wet and miserable green adolescence has a soul in nowhere and a rebellious and restless love.

Xiao Ying said that when they fell in love in junior high school, they were shocked that the teachers called their parents.

Once, the head teacher heard that a girl jumped from a building and died. She was so anxious that she called her parents to school before confirming the truth.

Because she is the only girl in the class who openly falls in love. Of course not her. She said she loved herself.

No matter how big a thing is, it won’t hurt itself. But after the class teacher stirred up, although she thought that love is natural, but let parents worry about it is still very sad.

In rebellious adolescence, the problem of love and the problem of parents and children become the scars of girls\’hearts one by one. Parents can make a pure badge to accompany their children.

When she was most unhappy, she spent the whole night alone in the back hill of the school which had been rebuilt in the graveyard, and she threw the things her boyfriend had given into the sea.