I want to make a lapel pin for Lippi.

To make a enamel pin for Lippi.

To express one’s mind. I want to use this football badge to tell him that these failures have nothing to do with you.

It is easy way to express your mood using the lapel pins. Better Finish company do custom enamel pins no minimum order.

With the Chinese team’s exit, the influence of the Asian Cup among domestic fans declined instantly.

After all, our focus is on our own national team.

It’s like the last Asian Cup China team’s group tournament was in full swing, and the domestic attention was very high.

But after a round of tours in the knockout tournament, there are even many fans who don’t know who is the last runner-up.

Now the same is true. The Asian Cup has become a situation in which three Western Asian teams encircle and suppress Japan.

The Japanese team sent more young players, and it was really difficult for them to stop the Iranian team.

After the Chinese team goes out, the players will return to their respective clubs.

Because now the Chinese Super League clubs have started winter training, these international players will be ready for the new season with a little rest.

I want to make a lapel pin for Lippi.

For the Chinese Football Association, a very serious problem is before us.

Who can be the head coach of the national football team after Lippi leaves?

Should we continue to employ well-known foreign coaches with high salaries, or should we hire more cost-effective local coaches?

This is also a very serious problem.

It is considered to be the most familiar with Chinese football and also the highest level.

The most famous Lippi was considered the savior when he coached the Chinese team.

But with such a cursory ending, is there any hope for China in the future?

Lippi has now left the United Arab Emirates.

No fans to say goodbye, not to mention too many of their own disciples to send wishes.

It\’s like he didn\’t show any signs during his two years in charge of the Chinese team.

So far I have expressed my grievance. Not only do you make a football enamel pins, but also custom coins for Lippi.

Of course, many fans will say that he has taken tens of millions of euros, but after all, this is what Evergrande and the Chinese Football Association are willing to give.

Lippi left the United Arab Emirates late at night, pulling the pole box by himself.

The clothes on his body and the national football team\’s logo all look impressive.

In the glorious scenery, thousands of people worship, an Asian Cup defeat.

The mistakes of the three disciples suddenly made him the target of public criticism.

It\’s so quiet to leave.

Lippi\’s merits and demerits are much discussed now.

Although he also has a lot of controversy with Iran\’s offensive team,

But at least he showed the fans hope and even beat Korea.

The World Cup qualified for the playoffs and advanced in the Asian Cup.

In terms of his achievements alone, his two years in charge of the National Football Association cannot be described as failure.

After all, our fans are very clear about the level of Chinese players.

It was only when he suddenly left that the moment was really moving.

Chinese football has long run out of medicine. It\’s all right to toss about.

Make a badge of disgrace for our Chinese football. The humiliating custom embroidery patches are also appropriate.