Uzbekistan Enamel Lapel Pins Badges

Uzbekistan Pin Badges

Custom make Uzbekistan enamel lapel pins. Deliver in 10 days or less. Free artwork, design & air shipping.Custom shape soft enamel and hard enamel pins can be produced out at very low price for Uzbekistan market. Total free artwork design, professional making, fast delivery of any selection pins for the clients. Some clients also want the imitation hard enamel and offset print lapel pins. Learn more feel free contact us.

The best sell lapel pin is Uzbekistan flag pins

Uzbekistan enamel flag pins

Uzbekistan enamel flag pins

Before custom design the pins, let’s learn some about Uzbekistan country.

The Republic of Uzbekistan, abbreviated to Uzbekistan, is a landlocked country in Central Asia.

It is one of the two double landlocked countries in the world (the other is Liechtenstein).

Uzbekistan is an ancient country of the famous “Silk Road” and has a long history with China through the “Silk Road”.

What is the Uzbekistan local custom?

One, in Uzbekistan can not live, can only relax vacation. This is because Uzbek people, especially Uzbek young people, don’t like foreigners (maybe only Asians), and Uzbekistan’s domestic wages are low.

Two, only the police (almost all young people yearn for the police) and the government officials can get the rated wages.

Three. The police are very, very much. At any time and anywhere, you can meet the police. Any small illegal or road violation can be easily solved on the spot.

Four, in the near future, the Russian signs that can be seen or heard in Russian are becoming less and less, and even the streets named by Russian writers and politicians are disappearing.

Five, almost all of the older people speak Russian. Young people also know a little, but they may not be able to talk in Russian. That is to say, if you need to ask a passer-by, you’d better ask a person of older age.

Six, if you go to Uzbekistan on vacation, it is best to stay in Tashkent, because it is almost uncivilized in other cities. All the vitality of Uzbekistan is in Tashkent. Then the best to Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva tour 1-2 days, because these city has now opened the high-speed train.

Seven, the only disappointing thing is that if there is no Uzbekistan passport, the price of all the tickets and all kinds of tickets is 2 times more expensive than the local people, sometimes even 3 times more expensive.

Eight, the same is true for souvenirs. If you don’t know Uzbek, you’d better know one as soon as possible and ask him to buy souvenirs, which will be much cheaper. If you don’t realize Uzbeks, so by gab to bargain.

Nine. Generally speaking, the Uzbek people like to bargain. It should be done so often in a market so that the price can be lowered. You can even play a little bit, and say to the seller that the next stall is the same and the price is cheap. This trick sometimes works. When shopping, the seller may give some extra free, for example, fruit, which is called “Rao head”.

Ten. Tashkent is a very beautiful city. There are many fountains and squares. In the past, there were many tall trees in the city, which could block sunlight well. But recently, these trees were cut down, and there were tiny bald fir trees planted in their original places. I don’t know why, now many parks are hot in the sun.