Urine Boy’s Enamel Pins

Urine Boy’s Enamel Pins

You see this urinating boy badge. It’s lovely. The world-famous bronze statue of a little boy is a bronze statue of a little boy in a pedestrian area in the city centre, as well as a fountain. The five-year-old boy is not tall, but he has a history of nearly 400 years. Our custom enamel pins at cheap price, no minimum order. The custom cheap coins also no minimum.

We made the urinating boy badge, the little boy is called less than Lian. He is naked, with a bright stomach on his waist and unconstrained “urine” in front of people. His posture is vivid and vivid. His hair is slightly curled, his nose is turned up and his smile is naughty, lively and lovely.

According to the emblem of the Brussels Municipal Authority, before 1691, there was a stone fountain called “Little Love Urine” in the place where Lian is now “urinating”. The earliest recorded history of “urinating children” can be traced back to 1452. After more than 500 years of meetings, I witnessed the burning of Brussels by the extinction of foreign enemies and the plundering of two modern world wars. The statue itself has been stolen and destroyed many times, but the “little fellow” is still naked and honored, leaving unlimited imagination space and countless legendary stories for future generations.

The statue of a urinating boy, about 53 centimeters high, is situated on a marble-carved pedestal about two meters high. The statue was built in 1619. It is said that the Spanish occupiers intended to blow up the city with explosives when they evacuated Brussels. Fortunately, the little boy urinated at night and drowned the fuse to save the city. In memory of the hero, the statue and many badges were carved to commemorate it.