Unique and custom police soft Enamel Pins

Unique and customized police soft Enamel Pins

Every police soft enamel pins is a sign of law enforcement. The U.S. police are divided into three levels: federal, state, city and county. The federal and state police exercise the police power given by the federal and state respectively. The powers of police below the state level are at the discretion of the state. Apart from the federal police, the state police, city police, county police and private security have no subordinate relationship with the federal government, but are directly led by the local government. There are 920000 people in the United States, with a police civilian ratio of 3.25 ‰ and a total area ratio of 10 police officers managing 100 square kilometers of public security. Each of them is equipped with police soft enamel pins.

Types and division of labor of police

1. Federal police

There is no unified central police agency in the United States. The federal police agencies are mainly divided into the Department of justice, the Department of Homeland Security and the United States Postal Administration. The main functions of the federal police are to implement various federal laws and combat major national crimes. They have a very advanced soft Enamel Pins logo.

2. State police

Each state government in the United States has its own police agency, which belongs to an autonomous police. Generally, the state police agency only implements the laws of the state and is not subject to the leadership and restriction of the federal police, but is responsible for their respective governors.State police perform their duties in areas not covered by local police agencies such as counties and cities, such as patrolling state roads and solving traffic accidents. In the United States, the scope of state police activities is small, and their power is limited to the role of various political factors in the States. Most of the state police chiefs are appointed by the governor himself.

3. City Police

When urban police enforce the law in the United States, they should first show the soft enamel signs of the police, which are all under the jurisdiction of the urban administrative agencies. However, the federal government has no uniform regulations on the specific management form. In cities with the system of sole mayor, the urban police agency is in the charge of the mayor, while in cities with the system of Parliament, the police agency is led by the police committee.

Characteristics of police law enforcement

There are 50 states in the United States, each with its own law and court, prison and police soft Enamel Pins logo. The basis of federal police enforcement is federal law. State and city police enforce the law according to their own local laws. As a result, there may be several departments to investigate a case in the United States at the same time. If the offender violates both the federal law and the state law, he will not only be tried by the federal court, but also by the state court. His sentence is the cumulative calculation, which is also the biggest feature of the law enforcement of the state police in the United States.

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