Unicorn Glitter Enamel Lapel Pins

Unicorn Glitter Enamel Lapel Pins

Our unicorn glitter lapel pins are filled with soft enamel colors no epoxy.

You can design and make your custom unicorn pins. We accept the custom design unicorn lapel pins. Certainly no minimum order limited.

So small order also can be at wholesale price.

To make big order, our factory price is competitive.

Why Unicorn lapel pins?

Before design the unicorn lapel pins, let us learn more about it.

Unicorn is a fictional creature in myths and legends.

The unicorn in current western mythology is like a white horse, with a spiral angle on its forehead, representing nobility, pride and purity.

Unicorn, an animal with a single horn in the middle of its head in ancient myths and legends. In western legends, the horns of Unicorns have detoxification functions. Many people take the opportunity to sell the powder of the horns of unicorns. In ancient Chinese legends, Jishu (Shanhai Jing, Xishan Jing) is one of the Oriental unicorns.

Every one have their own understand of the unicorn, so when you design your own unicorn lapel pins, you can add what you want freely.

Also can produce the glitter enamel coins at cheap price.

Custom Glitter Soft Enamel Lapel Pins