Turkey Enamel Lapel Pins

Turkey Pins

Custom made Turkey Enamel Lapel Pins come in jewelry finish to meet any need. Our best hot sell pins in Turkey market are soft enamel, hard enamel and die struck pins.  Do you want to have a factory to support you in Turkey cites? Be our local first hand agent, we will supply the agent price productions for your local market.

Better Finish Ltd, make custom flag lapel pins cheap price, wholesale directly from Factory no minimum order.

What is the best sell Turkey enamel lapel pin?

Custom top quality hard enamel Turkey Flag Lapel Pin

Turkey flag lapel pins

Turkey flag lapel pins

The Turkey flag pins hot sell on the national day. Our flag pins filled with hard enamel color.  Made from die struck iron steel. At factory wholesale price.

Republic of Turkey, abbreviated as Turkey,

It is a country across the two continents of Europe and Asia.

North of the Black Sea, the south of the Mediterranean, the southeast and Syria, Iraq, the West on the Aegean Sea,

Bordering on Greece and Bulgaria,

The East is contiguous with Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Iran.

The geographical position and geopolitical strategic significance of Turkey are very important, and are the crossroads connecting Europe and Asia.

Our flag pins backside is with butterfly clutches, and also can be with round magnets.