The painted eggshell lapel pins

The painted eggshell lapel pins

Painted eggshell lapel pin is a popular symbol of Easter.
The world is celebrating.
They are usually made of eggshells, which are carefully dyed and painted.
To create beautiful and complex designs.

Origin of colored eggshell lapel pin

The origin of the painted eggshell lapel pin can be found in Ukraine.
It is believed that the tradition of painting eggshells can be traced back to the pre-Christian era.
At that time, eggshells were used to symbolize fertility and rebirth.
Over the years, this tradition has evolved and become an integral part of Ukrainian culture.
The tradition of eggshell painting is also known as pysanky.
It originates from “writing” or “painting” in Ukrainian.
This is a complex and delicate process.
You need to use a special tool called kistka to draw complex patterns on the eggshell.
Kistka is a metal or clay tool with a hollow tube filled with hot wax.
The wax is then applied to the egg shell to form a temporary pattern, and then filled with dye.
Painted eggshell lapel pins are usually used to celebrate Easter and other festivals.
Such as Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve.
They are very popular gifts for friends and family.
As a symbol of love and gratitude.
The design of the needle can also be used to symbolize important events or occasions.
These pins can be painted with the color of the Ukrainian flag.
To commemorate the country’s independence from the Soviet Union in 1991.

Process of colored eggshell lapel pin

Painted eggshell lapel pins are also very suitable for craft projects.
It can be used to make exquisite works of art.
These pins can be used to make jewelry, decorations, decorations and even sculptures.
The traditional design of the pin is a symbol of Ukrainian culture.
It is usually used to celebrate its culture and heritage.
Painted eggshell lapel pins are available in various colors and designs.
They can be painted in bright and cheerful colors.
Such as pink, yellow and blue.
It can also be painted in more subtle and darker colors, such as black, brown and gray.
No matter what design you choose.
The painted eggshell lapel pin must be a beautiful and meaningful symbol of Easter and other special occasions. The painted eggshell coins also very popular.