The Legend of Spiritual Lapel Pins

The Legend of Spiritual Lapel Pins

In the beautiful Xianyu Mountain, there is an ancient village called Dashan Village. It is said that a miraculous scene of “Fairy Descending” appeared here, with a spiritual lapel pin being left behind, but no one knows the truth.

There is a brave young man in Dashan Village named Awang. He is good at catching snakes and is responsible for protecting the village from snake damage.

One day, while Awang was catching snakes in the mountains, he suddenly heard a sharp call: “Help!” He rushed over and saw a beautiful girl being surrounded by four or five poisonous snakes, facing life danger. Awang is a snake catcher and he knew he had to act quickly. He ran to the girl, grabbed a seven-inch of a poisonous snake, and then threw it into the bag behind him. In a few seconds, the snakes all became his trophies.

When the girl saw that all the snakes were caught, she finally sighed and then Awang had time to look at the girl. He saw that she had a bright red flower in her hair and a spiritual lapel pin pinned to her green jacket. Awang felt eye-catching. He asked, “What’s your name? Where do you live?” The girl smiled and said, “My name is Wuli Qing. I am a fairy from Xianyu Mountain. I came down to help everyone solve the snake damage, and this spiritual lapel pin is my mark of protection.”

Awang was shocked. He realized that this was the legend of “Fairy Descending”! He took Wuli Qing back to Xianyu Mountain. They made an appointment to meet again and Wuli Qing promised to come back to help.

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