The Herdsman’s Emblem

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The Herdsman’s Emblem

Shepherd Gentleman is the strongest high school student in Kanagawa. In his last summer, he encountered unprecedented challenges. This is the story of a badge.

On the one hand, the pastoral gentry is mature, strong in body, mature and stable in temperament, with strong personal ability and a calm mind at all times. The classic quotation is: “Once I respect my opponents so much, I will try my best to defeat you!”

The shepherd, known as the “Emperor’s Shepherd”, has a different appearance and character from his age. The shepherd who first appeared on the stage had a shining basketball badge on his chest, thus earning the nickname “basketball badge man”. There are hardly any shortcomings in a mature and stable herdsman. Buy the custom cheap coins no minimum order.

In addition to frequently using strong body to fight two or three people into two plus one, the shepherd keeps a clear mind and controls the situation on the basketball court. He is also known as “Kanagawa Double Wall” with Fujimoto, the No. 1 star of Xiangyang. This is the most wonderful combination on the badge.

In fact, the strength of Mushen I is better than others, and it is the strongest player in many people’s minds in Kanagawa. The shepherd won the respect of all his opponents both on and off the pitch. He also established friendship with Sakura and others. Like Big Brother, he took Sakura and Qingtian to Nagoya to watch other teams play.

As soon as the shepherd is playing ball and dealing with people, he has painted a best model badge for us. The model badge is the shepherd, the strongest boy.