The badge pins

The badge.

The badge is incredibly delicate. Some people are just one-sided with the badge, and they will be unforgettable all their lives.

The badge is like fate, some people are noisy all their lives, but can not do without it. Sometimes I blindly pursue a good friend, and then I don’t even have the chance to meet. Sometimes I neglect a look of longing, and I plant endless Acacia fruits.

The badge pins

Cherish fate, cherish badges, properly handle fate, cherish every badge, not greedy, nor fail, originally, this is the case.

People body will grow old and their appearance will be defeated by time, but fate and badges are always with you. Gifts from strangers, they will double back. The badge will follow you all the way, seemingly lonely, but not vulgar.

Some materials, no matter how hard you try, may not be able to have in your life, but there are also some things that you can\’t keep in spite of everything you can get, but the badge is your most loyal fate, dear you, don’t be sad when you meet with difficulties, because this is life.

I think silence is a sign of growth, and the sign of maturity is wearing a badge, which teaches you how to be silent. I can\’t say that we live like summer flowers, live perfectly and wisely, and die like autumn leaves, which are very far away from us.

The most real thing at the moment is nothing more than a kind of generosity and forgiveness to oneself, others, and the world where fate and badge coexist.