Custom cat enamel pins for kimono

Custom cat enamel pins for kimono

Wearing a soft enamel pins for a kimono kitten, doesn’t it feel very tender and lovely. Cat is a kind of pet widely used in families all over the world. The ancestors of domestic cats are desert cats originated from ancient Egypt, Persian cats from Persia, which have been domesticated for 3500 years. General cat: round head, short face, five fingers of forelimb, four toes of hind limb, sharp and curved claw at toe end, claw can stretch and contract. Like evening activities. The cat is quick and good at jumping. Eat fish, mice, rabbits, etc. The reason why cats like to eat fish and mice is that cats are nocturnal animals. In order to see things at night, they need a lot of taurine, which is contained in mice and fish. Therefore, cats not only like to eat fish and mice, but also because of their own needs.

Kitten’s balance ability

Kittens are good at climbing and jumping. The balance function of various organs in kittens is more perfect than other animals. When kittens jump from a high place, their body loses balance. The nervous system will quickly command the skeletal muscle to move at the fastest speed, and adjust the unbalanced body to the normal position. The cat has a very independent personality, likes sports and is very cheerful. If the surrounding environment changes, it will be very sensitive. Its dependence on its owner is very high. If it suddenly changes its owner, its psychology may become melancholy. Although the adult cat will not be very fond of playing with people, it will still walk around in your sight at any time. It’s a very reserved animal, and it’s confident in itself and loyal to its owner. Our kimono kittens’ soft enamel pins are the most beautiful.