Story of Mao Zedong’s Mango Emblem

Talking about the Story of Mao Zedong’s Mango Emblem

Needless to say, when I see mango and eat mango, I think of the story of Mao Zedong like Zhang Mango in the Cultural Revolution.

Comrade Hocha, the great leader of the Albanian people, gave Chairman Mao a mango to the great leader of the Chinese people.

Maybe Mango was the best gift to show that Albania was our best and best friend.

The Pakistani delegation visiting China in 1968 presented Chairman Mao Zedong with a basket of mangoes.

Chairman Mao himself gave it to the Gongxuan Team without eating it.

All of us who passed through that era have fresh memories of Chairman Mao’s Mango Delivery.

In the report of the People’s Daily on August 7, 1968, it wrote: “On the afternoon of the 5th day, when Chairman Mao presented mango to the Capital Workers and Peasants Mao Zedong Thought Propaganda Team, the great news came to Tsinghua Garden.

People immediately gathered around the gifts given by Chairman Mao, the great leader, to cheer warmly and sing heartily.

With tears in their eyes, they again and again sincerely wish Chairman Mao, our most beloved great leader, a long life! A long life! A long life!

If they use the idea to make mango custom coins, that will be excellent.

Story of Mao Zedong's Mango Emblem

They called their units one after another to convey the great news.

And all kinds of celebrations were held overnight. Rain came to Central and South China to celebrate posters.

Expressing their utmost loyalty to the great leader Chairman Mao,

This shows that fresh mangoes were indeed sent to Tsinghua University, and that “people” had shouted “Longevity without Borders” around mangoes at that time.

The backbone of Gongxuan Team mainly comes from Beijing Xinhua Printing Factory and Knitting General Factory.

In addition, there are workers from Beijing No. 27 Locomotive and Rolling Stock Factory, Beijing Nankou Locomotive and Rolling Stock Machinery Factory, Beijing No. 3 Chemical Plant and Beijing Beijiao Wood Factory.

Mr. Zeng Yi, a former member of the Gongxuan Team, recalled that it took about two or three days for the Gongxuan Team to enter Tsinghua.

Chairman Mao sent his secretary to send the mango presented to him by foreign guests to the headquarters of Tsinghua Workers\’Propaganda Team to express his condolences to us.

At that time, the whole country’s schools and colleges followed Chairman Mao\’s instructions of “resuming classes and making revolution”.

As soon as the class resumed, all the students rushed to the school to gather.

Walk to Tian’anmen Square for a parade.

People burst into tears of happiness, with great love and loyalty for great leaders. They beat gongs and drums spontaneously and rushed to the streets in a flash.

The streets and alleys of the capital are full of parades.

In the loudspeakers of Chang\’an Street and Tian’anmen Square, the music of “sailing by the helmsman” is loud and powerful; among the crowd, the cheers of “Long Live Chairman Mao” rise and fall one after another, resounding through the clouds.

The broad Chang\’an Street instantly became a red ocean.

Red flags, red banners, red armbands, red faces, cross-reflections,

Once again, people were baptized by the red color.

The broad Tian’anmen Square immediately became the grand stage of revolution.

People are dancing loyalty words, voting to Chairman Mao and his old people, expressing their hearts, devoting love, loyalty, excitement and sunshine.

There are hot hearts everywhere.