Star illusion Lapel Pins

Star illusion Lapel Pins

Today, we are introducing the Star Illusion badge. The design inspiration of this badge comes from the Star Illusion Hall, which is located in the old pier B2 of No. 531 Shandong Second Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai. The room is very delicately decorated, and here you will be surprised at how beautiful the room is. It feels like being in the situation when you indulge in the beautiful scenery.

The Gallery of Star Illusion is not only in Shanghai, but also in some cities such as Changsha, Shenzhen and Shenyang. And star illusion art can be designed as custom embroidery patches, or custom coins.

Star illusion Lapel Pins

This is mainly to let people experience a different feeling in different nature. The highlights here are: 3D art exhibition, 5D illusion, Nordic stars and many other places to enjoy.

Next, I will give you a detailed description of the wonders of the Star Gallery, and deepen your understanding of the Star Gallery of Illusion. For reference only:

Meet Van Gogh: As we all know, Van Gogh is a famous painter with superb skills, among which “Star Moon Night” is one of the famous works.

This moonlit night badge, using modern interactive mapping technology, will project the work in many directions and angles throughout the space, the light and shadow interlace each other, the brilliant stars, curly nebulae, so that the sky becomes very active, and you can personally feel these changes here, 360 degree enclosure experience beauty, let you immerse in it.