Spain Enamel Lapel Pins

Spain Pins

Our different types Spain enamel lapel pins hot sell in Spain. Better Finish Ltd, custom make soft or hard enamel pins for Spain market, free design, no minimum. The pins are made from zinc alloy or bronze cooper material. Using die struck, injection progress, filling with any custom enamel colors. Printing process pins also welcome for complex logo designs.

What is the most popular Spain enamel pins?

The Spanish Football Club pin.

Before design and make the pins, let us learn some about the Spanish football teams.

Spain Enamel Lapel Pins

Spain Enamel Lapel Pins

The Spanish Football League first league was founded in 1928. Each Football team have their own custom logo lapel pin.

It’s the most European League of all leagues in Europe at the moment (13 Champions League Cups have been won).

It is known as “Star League”, “Mr. League”.

It is the cradle of fostering the footballer and the golden ball award.

Of them, Real Madrid was the best FIFA team in twentieth Century.

Barcelona has the title of “dream team” in the football world.

There are 20 teams at the present. The highest number of titles was Real Madrid, 32 times. Second, Barcelona, 24 times,

It can be said is the Spanish Real Madrid and Barcelona two strong competing in recent years.

Most custom design football club enamel pins are soft enamel color made from zinc alloy material.  Hard enamel pins also welcome, but need more cost, because of the more durable features.

Buy the Spanish football club pins from Better Finish Ltd, at wholesale cheap price, no minimum order.

How to design the Spain Enamel Lapel Pins?

Spain Enamel Lapel PinsThe enamel color is the best important factor to design the pins for Spain market. From Spanish flag you can learn some about this.

The Spanish flag is a rectangle with a long and wide ratio of 3:2. The flag is composed of three parallel rectangles from top to bottom by red Huang Hong. When design and create the Spanish flag pins, you should use the as close color as possible. Our Colorist will avoid the tolerance.

Red, yellow and white is Spain’s love of traditional color, a symbol of the people of the motherland is a piece of utter devotion. In 1785, Spain used red, yellow and red flags to hang on the ship and became the representative of Spain. According to legend, Flag of Spain color from the wounded at the battle of Wang Xianxue Gould (red) disseminated gold shield (yellow), so Flag of Spain also called “blood and gold”.

Better Finish Ltd, also made top quality big award medals  for the Spain Races.