South Korea Enamel Lapel Pins

Korea Lapel Pins

Custom make lapel pins for north and sounth Korea lapel pins. Not only the flag pins, but also other custom designed enamel pins: like the die struck, soft and hard enamel pins with Korea style logo.

Better Finish Ltd, custom design and wholesale different selection pins for the clients. All our quality pins are at cheap wholesale price, no minimum order.

South Korea Enamel Lapel PinsWhat is the Korea favorite color?

In the day of great joy in China, people like to decorate with red.

Whether the wedding dress, red, or firecrackers, are mainly in red.

But people who have seen the Korean drama know that.

South Korea, whether it’s a wedding invitation, a funeral invitation,

The red envelopes in the new year package are all white.

Because of the Koreans, white symbolizes purity,

As long as it is a gift of money, the money is usually sent out in a white envelope.

The flag is white, and the red envelopes are white.

The Korean nation is also known as the “white clothes nation”.

Almost everywhere in South Korea is a white color.

The Korean nation has a special feeling of white.

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We are located in Shenzhen and easy to deliver the Pins package to our labor country.

So the white color maybe the best soft enamel color for lapel pins gift to Korea.