Lovely Cute Cat Lapel Pins Wholesale

Better Finish Company wholesale the Lovely Cute Cat Pins at factory, no need to worry about the small order. No need to pay the mold hand cost.

Just contact us to ask for the cost for your custom design Cat lapel pins.

Or you can buy our stock  Lovely Cute Cat Pins and some other design cat lapel pins.

Our 50 pcs Blue Lodge Square and Compass G Freemason Cat Custom Enamel Pins Badge, are Stock Pins. And These are Metal Craft Brooch Gift Cat Soft enamel Pins.


The price is at US$70 for the 50pcs pins ship out by mail, if add US$20 can ship out by DHL, which is more fast and safe for the oversea delivery.

This pin is round shape, with red, white, yellow softe enamel filled. The backside is butterfly clutch. Material is black plated jewelry metal.

You may find it is Recruit wealth cat lapel pin.

The cat is usually made of ceramic, usually white, with one hand raised to the top of the head to make a gesture to attract people. Generally, a cat raising its left hand is a sign of blessing. Raising the right hand means attracting wealth.

Raising both hands at the same time means that “wealth” and “happiness” come together.

In addition, the golden bell hanging on the chest of the cat also means good luck, wealth, happiness and origin.

The cats with different colors represent the different wishes of their owners and express the eternal hope of human beings for happiness, contentment and good luck.

You also can use this lovely cat logo design your own cheap coins, and the custom metal medals.

All our custom design have no minimum order limited. And every unit quality is guaranteed so 100% perfect units for your using or reselling.