Soft Enamel Blue Metal Pins

Blue metal pins – The Nice Soft enamel Pins

Blue metal pins are dye metal pins. Also called enamel pin with blue metal.

Not only enamel is blue, but even the metal surface is blue.

The whole metal surface is sprayed with blue enamel.

So we call him blue dye pins

soft enamel blue metal pins

Soft Enamel Blue Metal Pins

These blue shoe pins are planned with a plastic base to keep the shoe pins secure and stable.

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Blue shoe pins

The price is at US$70 for the 50pcs pins ship out by mail, if add US$20 can ship out by DHL. That is why use the express company. Because more fast and safe for the oversea delivery. The blue metal feather kilt pin.

This pin is ribbon shape, with blue softe enamel filled. The backside is butterfly clutch. Material is blue jewelry metal. Blue metal under pinning.

Blue carton pins

Blue carton pins

You also can use this blue color design your own cheap coins, and the custom metal medals. Blue metal safety pin.

Blue Metal Pins Tin Button Pins

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