Smart puppy enamel lapel pins

Smart puppy enamel pins

I have made a smart puppy pins. It’s my grandmother’s dog.

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Wangzi is fourteen years old.

Besides, it also has a brother named Xiaowei.

Although Xiaowei is only a few months old, Xiaowei is twice as big as Wangzi.

However, today we are mainly talking about Wangzi.

Wangzi is a puppy.

Two ears are like two short narrow furry fans.

A pair of big black eyes shining, like two bright black gemstones;

A small nose is round, black and slippery to the touch.

One big mouth, once, almost bit off Xiao Wei’s ear.

Wangzi has snow-white hair all over his body, but there are also several areas where his hair has fallen off showing black skin.

A short black tail.

When I see the person I like, I shake it terribly.

Everyone likes my custom-made Wangzi Dog badge. At the same time, custom embroidery patches and the custom challenge coins are also designed.

While we were eating, Wangzi finished the food Grandpa gave him.

When she saw Xiao Wei’s food thrown by her mother, Wangzi rushed to grab it.

Because Xiao Wei did not eat, the big mother had to use chopsticks and throw them to Xiao Wei to eat.

Generally speaking, Wangzi will enjoy the cool under the table when there is no sound.

They also bask in the sun and scratch in the yard.

When I sleep, Wangzi will snore loudly, which makes me upset.

I remember once when Grandpa bathed Wangzi in the yard.

Wangzi’s mammoths are glued together while Grandpa changes water.

So he went into the house. Grandpa changed the water and found Wangzi missing.

He rushed into the house and grabbed Wangzi back into the bathtub to take a bath.

My mother and I watched and laughed.

Wangzi is really a cute and humorous dog.