Silver Origami Paper Crane Enamel Lapel Pins

Paper Crane Pins

Wholesale custom make silver Origami Paper Crane Enamel Lapel Pins at factory price, no minimum order.

This is the Paper Crane shape hard enamel pins, the surface is smooth shinny.

What is the Paper Crane means?

Silver Origami Paper Crane Enamel Lapel PinsOrigami is representative of your sent people wishes.

Each paper cranes carrying a little wish,

Eventually become a wish.

Origami has a beautiful legend and cultural heritage,

To be the emotional support of people.

Only at the beginning in order to fold 1000 crane sick prayer paper recover,

Then pray something the success of folding paper cranes.

The different enamel color paper crane pins.

Silver Origami Paper Crane Enamel Lapel PinsWhen you make the different enamel color crane custom lapel pins, you should know what that different means.

Origami, is the representative of your sent people wish, each bearing a little origami wishes, eventually become a desire

The red – red paper cranes for Chinese is a symbol of good luck.

The white paper cranes — don’t think white is unlucky, the bird world, everything will be changed. The white bird, that is the color of the swan.

Black – Black origami is a solemn symbol.

Blue origami – Blue depression, broad. There is a sea like mind and heaven like passion. Blue is also usually the favorite color of a poetic writer.


Green origami – green in peacetime is full of vigour of meaning, but the bird world is completely parrot mouthpiece.

The last is yellow origami – yellow is warm, give people a warm and warm, it is our Chinese yourself oh.