Serbia Enamel Lapel Pins

Serbia Lapel Pins

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Design Custom Pins For Serbia

Let us learn more the feeling in Serbia.

The trip to Serbia was an unexpected accident. I wanted to go to Western Europe, but the visa had some problems. It was less than one month ahead of the Serbia ticket and hotel. Then I had been watching other people’s travels on APP. I am a Sagittarius, I like the feeling of freedom, and I don’t like to make too much of a detailed route. Timetable, what do you have to do? You feel constrained. Well, let me introduce the following to you from several aspects:

Air ticket accommodation:

the individual is a hotel control, the hotel requirements are high, because the rising constellation Virgo, you know, I like to live in the new hotel facilities, not too old, and more attention to the facilities of the toilet. I seem to be the only Chinese who lives there. The house price is 730 yuan a night and 6 nights.

The flight ticket is bought by Swiss airlines, Beijing – > Zurich – > Belgrade, the return is Lufthansa, Belgrade – > Beijing, after the Munich transfer, the ticket total is 7300 yuan. Because the reservation is relatively late, in October 6th, I bought the ticket in mid September, and now it seems to have a direct flight, but on the Internet, it is extremely expensive to see the price of sea air tickets, all of which are the most affordable.

Serbia Enamel Lapel Pins

Traffic problems:

In the city of Bei City between the basic walking, and bus, go to the small town in the town of Novi Sad, Subotica and wood City, and the small partner to find a day tour, carpool to go (5 cars), is the day of the trip, a person’s cost is 40 euros / day. Recommend a bus check APP:mootiv, special support, can accurately take you to the bus station, enter the destination, tell you how to sit at the station how to transfer, to the destination will be reminding the bell, anyway, I travel with it to play 666.

Public security:

Really good, the security of the country is better than France, Britain and the United States, because there is no refugee, and not a developed country, the terrorist organization has not been here, a person to plug the country a lot of tourism, watch out for a small number of Gypsy stole, other aspects are very safe.


I am dun dun Western food, haven’t missed Chinese food. Thai food, because it is too light and tasteless. In the first place, they like meat, they like meat, meat is also very good, there are coffee and tobacco and wine culture. Here, many people sit in the restaurant and drink coffee and chat, and women smoke too much. I really want to paint some restaurants again, and the food and restaurants will be introduced in detail later.

Phone card:

Bought in Taobao, 7 days 4G traffic, and I can’t use it at all. I also used WeChat to play the game of werewolf, and finally used 1G more. WiFi is developed, and hotels, restaurants and airports usually have WiFi.

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