Scout enamel lapel pins

Scout Pins

Our scout enamel lapel pins are hot sell and kept by the scouts all over the world. The hard enamel and soft enamel type scout pins are normal designs.
There are so many different styles scout pins for each activity.  We can custom make them, also can copy the vintage designs base on your samples or sample pictures.

Scouting also known as the Scout Movement, including boy scout and girl scout,
It is an international, adolescent social movement.
Carried out in a particular way.
The purpose of the Scout Movement is to provide young people with their physical, psychological and spiritual support.
The ultimate goal is to contribute to the society in the future.
At present, there are about two trillion and fifty million boy and girl scout in the world.
Some custom design scout pins are welcome by the girls and boys. The Children like keep the scout pin as souvenir and collection.

Design the Scout enamel lapel pins

Search the scout logo, you may noticed that, most logo with the following enamel colors, like white, back, red, blue, purple, yellow, green colors.

Boy Scout pins most use the blue enamel color, girl scout pins use the transparent red enamel color.

Until now, millions of moral pin badges have been issued , the top five of the largest number are first aid, swimming, camping, cooking and community Civic Service. In addition, archery, art, fishing, rowing, field survival, shooting and other projects are also popular.
The eagle scout pin have many different level, and most are scout patches badges, some special team maybe need the scout enamel lapel pins.
Better Finish Ltd, wholesale the cheap scout lapel pins no minimum order. Not only the metal pins, we design and provide scout patches no minimum order,  and our scout medals, coins are with top quality at cheap price also.