Russian Nesting Doll Enamel Pins

Nesting Doll Pins

Russian Nesting doll enamel pins are Russian specialty wooden toy lapel pins. We custom make the doll add different colors and features on the custom dull lapel pins.

The Russian doll toy is usually made up of one set of hollow wood dolls with more than one pattern.

Up to more than 10, usually cylindrical, and flat at the bottom, which can be erect.

The color is red, blue, green, purple and so on.

The most common pattern is a girl dressed in Russian national clothing, called “Matt Rosca”.

This also becomes the general name of the doll.

Olympics Doll Enamel Pins

Russian Nesting Doll Enamel Pins

The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics matriarchy four a set of commemorative badges.

These 4 units pins are made from zinc alloy material, plated silver color.

The colors are hard enamel color added the silkscreen printing girls on the surface.

Cut out the doll shape. Backside is butterfly clutches.