Running Elk Enamel Pins

Running Elk Pins

We advocate the spirituality of nature. We yearn for freedom in the animal world. Let this elk Brooch take you to find freedom in your dreams!

We do the Elk pins no minimum order, at cheap price.

Elk is a magical animal and a good luck. It is not only the object of hunting for ancestors, but also the important sacrifices in totems and rituals of worship. It also becomes the symbol of vigorous vitality and the symbol of promotion and prosperity.

Elk brooch, hand-made, high-quality alloy, high-grade water drill, glittering gold. Unique shaping process, and mirror polishing process, compact shape design, simple and generous, simple style, fine polishing, gentle touch, in another way to interpret love, love words into the design.

Running Elk Enamel Pins

The vitality of elk culture lies in the symbol of freedom and harmony. Facing human beings, elk is free; owning elk, pursuing freedom and building harmony are the essence of elk culture for thousands of years.

Running elk brooch, can give you her, is a surprise that he can not refuse, to himself, as a fashion declaration, can also be given to good friends and friends, so that friendship can last forever. Wearable on chest, hat and bag is a fashion. We strive for excellence only to bring you classic brooches.