Rukawa Kaede Pin

Dunk master

Rukawa Kaede Pins

In our youth, we have had such a strong man, he is Rukawa Kaede, today’s emblem is him.

Rukawa Kaede, 187 cm tall, handsome, cold, sleepy, has a strong singles scoring ability and desire to win. His classic quotation on the badge is “10 classes a year, Rukawa Kaede “.

Liuchuan Maple Emblem

Rukawa Kaedeis a very bored person because of his extreme devotion to basketball. His greatest hobby is sleeping, cold-hearted, arrogant personality, like collecting badges. Usually he always has a cold and heartless face. However, once he stands on the basketball court, his killing spirit and courage can be seen at a glance.

Although the skills are far better than Cherry wood, and the two people do not like each other, but they have the same aggressive and winning heart as Cherry wood. Rukawa Kaede’s thought is much simpler. His world is occupied by basketball. Rukawa Kaede’s dream is to take his precious badge and play in America. With the training of Anxi coach, he finally defeated the Japanese No. 1 high school students in the national competition. Yamamoto Industries led by Zebei Rongzhi was selected into the National Youth Training Team, which is a step forward to his American dream.

From the perspective of the small emblem, we can see the perplexity, frustration and struggle of those “too strong to do” men growing up.