Rose wizard hat lapel pins

Magician adorned his top hat with two beautiful rose hat lapel pins that complemented his red velvet coat.
Crafted with intricate detail, the silver pins symbolized his craft, identity, and power.
People believed that the roses, enchanted to enhance his magical abilities, gave him a special connection to the spirit world and enabled him to control the elements.
Magician could make the roses come alive, transforming them into dazzling shapes and sizes.
A reflection of his power and skill.

Azrael’s roses

Azrael’s roses were so powerful that some believed they could grant wishes. People began flocking to his shows in hopes of receiving a wish from the roses on his hat.

He only used his roses to perform strange and beautiful tricks. He was a master showman and the roses on his hat were his signature accessory.

The legend of Azrael and his two roses on his hat lapel pins no minimum order lives on to this day. People still remember the incredible things he could do with those two roses.

They are a reminder of the power of magic and the potential of the human spirit. They inspire awe and wonder in those who see them, and they serve as a reminder that anything is possible.

How to design the Rose wizard hat lapel pins?

Honor the legendary magician Azrael with these timeless Rose Wizard Hat Lapel Pins.
Crafted with great care, these pins feature a classic black top hat with two deep red roses and a red velvet finish.
The stems of the roses are silver, and the pins are slightly larger than the hat for a magical appearance.
A secure closure on the back ensures the pins stay in place, with the words “Azrael’s Magic” to remind the wearer of their power.
Celebrate the power and potential of the human spirit with these Rose Wizard Hat Lapel Pins.