Rose Enamel Lapel Pins Wholesale

Rose Lapel Pins

We design and wholesale custom rose lapel pins at cheap price, from our China factory. Our rose enamel pins filled with soft enamel or hard enamel. Also the die struck no enamel pins also welcome in the market.

Rose Enamel Lapel Pins WholesaleOne of our rose pin without enamel just gold plating showing for your reference.

Rose Lapel Pin -shows a rose in bloom. This pin has become very popular for mother’s day – or really any time when you want to express love. Actual size is 3/8″ x 3/4″ Military clutch, individually polybagged. Proudly Made In China Factory!!


More about the Rose:

Roses are native to China and have a long history of cultivation.  You also can learn more about The Different Types of Shrub Roses.

Rose in plant taxonomy is a rose family Rosa shrub (Rosa rugosa). “Rose” is now often referred to as a series of large and showy varieties of Rosa. These varieties can also be called the modern rose or modern Rose (and the true roses are different). Wild rose is edible, sugar free, rich in vitamin C, often used in vanilla tea, jam, jelly, juice and bread, as well as Swedish soup (Nyponsoppa) and honey (Rhodomel). In western literature, European rose Rosa gallica and Rosa * Alba have long symbolized beauty and love. The ancient Greek and ancient Rome people used rose to symbolize their love, Aphrodite and Venus (Venus). Rose is a masterpiece created by Jose in Greek mythology. It is used to show off the power to the gods.

Rose is the national flower of Britain; flower: love, love and beauty, radiant, brave and noble.

Roses have many colors: red, yellow, white, purple, and so on. Different colors have their own meanings or love languages.

Use the rose design, we also can make the rose patches, and rose coins as the promotion gifts. Certainly also can award the rose medal to the women Chapman. All these rose metal gifts from our company are at wholesale price, no minimum order, 100% quality guaranteed!