Rainbow Enamel Lapel Pins

Better Finish Ltd, custom make and wholesale the cute rainbow enamel lapel pins at cheap price, with top quality. No minimum order!

The rainbow colors most are soft enamel or hard enamel colors.

Learn how to make and how much the factory wholesale price, free free contact us: betterfinish@gmail.com

We design the custom pins freely, and make quality pins cheap no minimum. All the items showing in this page have stock.

rainbow shape enamel pinThe Rainbow Cloud Enamel Pins

The features of this rainbow pin:

One inch size, soft enamel color, gold plating, made from zinc alloy material. At cheap wholesale price no minimum order.

It can be custom made using following parameters.

  1. Size: one inch -2.0 inch
  2. Material: Iron, cooper, bronze, zinc alloy
  3. Plating: Gold/ Silver/ Bronze/Cooper/Black/Antique all the colors.
  4. Enamel: Soft enamel/Hard enamel/Print Enamel
  5. Process: Die struck/injection
  6. Surface feeling: Recess/Smooth Flat
  7. Backing: Butterfly clutch/ Safe Pins
  8. Package: Blank polybag
  9. Production time: 10-15 days
  10. Shipping time: 3-4days.

Custom design Rainbow Enamel Lapel Pins

Rainy days, everywhere gray,
In order to create a romantic point,
In order to add some color to their mood,
Ever since, there is a rainbow enamel color lapel pin badges.

It is a rainbow of the romantic thing,
But sometimes the meaning is different.
In North America,
Gay bars are marked by a rainbow,
Than the general understanding of the seven-color rainbow “cyan red orange blue green blue purple” different,
Not seven colors, but six colors.
People whose meaning is homosexual are just like other people. Life is colorful.

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