KFC star pins with soft enamel pins and epoxy dome

KFC star pins with soft enamel pins and epoxy dome, the shape is star cut out shape. The background with dots let the pin be more shinny like the star.


KFC star pins with soft enamel pins and epoxy dome

Perfect quality KFC star pins from Better Finish Ltd. KFC logo design be star shape, with soft enamel color and epoxy dome.

This KFC star pin made from die struck process, iron material. Gold plated metal surface covered the transparent epoxy to protect the pin.

It is one inch size, 1.5 mm thickness. With butterfly clutch, packed in blank poly bag.

KFC store can award the star pins to the workers who match following standards.

  • A strong sense of responsibility in daily work.
  • Diligence and steadfast, hardworking and hard work.
  • At the same time, actively cooperate with the staff to carry out various work.
  • And take advantage of the rest time to actively follow up the construction of the project.
  • Give full play to the subjective initiative and overcome the difficulties.
  • Do the best to help your colleagues in their work.
  • It fully embodies his steadfast work.
  • A positive and active spirit.

Better Finish Ltd, custom design the KFC pin free for your store. We also produce it and wholesale the quality production at cheap price from China factory. The unit price even low than US$0.5/pc.

Our other KFC production also welcome by the clients, like the award medals, challenge coins, and the name badges.

Learn more about the KFC company to design your lapel pins.

KFC, one of the multinational chain restaurants in the United States, is also the world’s second largest fast food and biggest fried chicken chain.

Mainly sells fried chicken, hamburgers, French fries, rice, Egg Tart, soda and other high calorie fast food. So KFC also have the food design lapel pins, like the egg pins, chicken pins, hamburgers lapel pins for protestation gifts.