Skull Enamel Pin

Skull Shaped Hard Enamel Pins no minimum order, at US$0.35, silver plated, zinc alloy material.

Custom Design Proof Vs Real Custom Lapel Pins:

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Hard Enamel Skull Pin

Custom Design Shaped Skull Hard Enamel Pins no minimum order, at US$0.35 per unit, wholesale factory price. Top quality guaranteed.


The skeleton usually refers to the whole skeleton or skull without flesh and hair. In medicine, understands human beings by skeletons, and uses them to study and cure diseases. But actually, because most people think their bones are missed by their descendants, so few people donate all skeletons. They often use plastics as human life skeleton imitation products. Also have some custom designed skull lapel pins. The role of the skull logo is uncontentious – the deep shot of the arrow of fear into the bottom of the prey. The skull logo lapel pins means risk. Be careful, some young people like wearing the skull lapel pins to be like fashion.

Skull Enamel Pin

soft enamel pins

Size: one inch

Thickness: 1.5 mm thick zinc alloy material

Style: hard enamel lapel pins with polished flat surface

Finish: jewelry silver plating

Attachments: one piece butterfly clutch pins

Packaging: Individual Poly bag

Normal Price: US$0.35 per unit.

Production Time: Seven days for mass production, rush order in 5-6 days.

Shipping Time: 3-4 days.


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Skull Enamel Pins Attachments, Package, Plating Reference:

Skull Enamel PinSkull Enamel Pin

Skull Enamel Pin