Red Enamel Lapel Pins

one inch high quality shinny enamel pins, polished red heart glitter enamel pins silver plating.

Custom Design Proof Vs Real Custom Lapel Pins:

betterfinish-deisgn VS Sample



Heart Shape Red Enamel Pins

Our custom design red enamel pins no minimum order.

A Heart Shaped custom enamel lapel pin features the pure red color, and red glitters inside of a heart.

The glitters could’t be any clearer for those who showing their love mood, to their lover, to their country, school, family.

It is certain to attention by your lover who maybe love you in the heart but did not tell you.

It is very great for lovers, volunteers, donors, and others who have a kind heart to the people need help.


Design and make the red heart custom enamel pins use our kind heart for you. High quality shinny red glitter enamel surface.

The heart enamel pin size is 1 inch. Cut out the custom heart shape. Made from zinc alloy material, plated with silver color.


Die Struck Pins

Die Struck Pins

Size: one inch

Thickness: 1.5 mm

Style: soft enamel lapel pins

Finish: jewelry silver plating

Attachments: butterfly clutch pins

Packaging: Individual Poly bag or Gift Boxes

Normal Price: US$0.325 per unit.

Production Time:7-9 days

Shipping Time: 3-4 days.

Better Finish Company design and produce the different custom enamel pins:

Hard Enamel Pins, Soft Enamel Pins, Die Struck Pins, Print Lapel Pins, Photo Etched Pins, Flag Pins and ….



Red Enamel Pins Attachments, Package, Plating Reference: