Pink cherry blossom enamel pins


Pink cherry blossom enamel pins

I put on the cherry blossom enamel pins and came to the cherry blossom avenue in Japan.

Seeing the cherry blossoms of the sky have fallen and danced to the ground, leaving a pink color. It is integrated with my cherry blossom enamel pin.

The sun, the cherry blossoms are coated with a layer of gentle gold. The smashing of that place, in the beautiful dance steps of the zero, I saw them laughing. My heart was picked up at that moment, beautiful scenery!

Cherry blossoms are a beautiful flower. Open between spring and summer, the flowers are very beautiful.

The snowy white petals are slightly pinkish, and the golden stamens are clustered like gold silk, and the blossoming is so delicate.

My cherry blossom enamel pins is also full of cute smiles in the breeze, so lively, real and beautiful!

From full bloom to cherry blossoms, only a short sixteen days, the beauty is interpreted so thoroughly.

Don’t be sad, our cherry blossom enamel pins are always with you!