Music Soft Enamel Pins With Epoxy

Music Soft Enamel Pins

One inch size square shaped, soft enamel color filled music pins, plated with gold color, music icon wave under the transparent epoxy.


Music Soft Enamel Pins With Epoxy

The die struck music soft enamel pins, made from jewelry metal, gold plating metal. Epoxy cover the surface, protecting any damage, and easy to clean the surface.

Custom design are welcome, we make the artwork free for you.

Transparent epoxy cover the pins, also hold the jazz music. Let the music all be with you every where, every time.

Do you like the jazz music?

It always give us different feeling.

The autumn rain is continuous, not urgent and slow.
The heart is indifferent,
He sipped his coffee and put up jazz.
A lazy feeling,
Is this weather suitable for the taste of the mood of life?
Jazz music combines a rich musical style, a cultural trait, and a playing skill.
The most musical charm, expressiveness, and infection,
As soon as the music is sounded, it embodies a unique style.

Better Finish Ltd, design and produce the music style gifts at cheap competitive price, no minimum order.

Not only the lapel pins, other music award medals, coins also satisfy our clients all over the world.

The music pins can be hard, soft enamel color, die struck or injection process. Plating gold, silver, bronze, black, antique.