love song award pins

Love song award pins with offset printing content. Cut out the heart shape. Using bronze material. One inch size, 0.7 mm thickness bronze covered with epoxy.


Love song award pins

The love song award pins made from die struck bronze material.  With shinny epoxy cover the love song.

Everyone have a love song in heart let you feel warm.

At night, you keep your love song pin in hand. Listen the rain falling
Look at the past.
Write a sweet sweet acid
A cup of coffee
Accompany Nguyen to think of you
One night after night I miss you deeply
Do you have a good time?
Ah, a shower of rain with Ruan lonesome
Sing a song of love songs
The one who loves you most is me.

A pin can be a poem, tough your heart.


Heart Printed Lapel Pins

Size: one inch

Thickness: 0.7 mm

Style: Printing Lapel pins

Finish: jewelry gold plating

Attachments: butterfly clutch pins

Packaging: Individual Poly bag or Gift Boxes

Normal Price: US$0.399 per unit.

Production Time:7-9 days

Shipping Time: 3-4 days.

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