Large monster Godzilla enamel pins

Designs: Custom Godzilla lapel pins design acceptable

Artwork: Free proof for custom Godzilla enamel pins

Size: One inch

Material: Die struck steel/ Zinc alloy

Plating: Gold/Silver

Colors: Soft enamel color/Hard enamel color

Package: Each unit packed in Opp bag, gift box package available.

Shipping: Delivered by DHL/UPS/FedEx/TNT express company

Time: 7-12 days production time, 2-4 shipping time.

Price: As low as US$0.35 per unit.


Large monster Godzilla enamel pins

From 1954 to the present, Godzilla in our enamel pins is 65 years old.

How many people still remember that when Godzilla looked like, our enamel pin was to restore the original image of Godzilla.

For example, on our enamel pins, you can see God’s big thick legs, walking upright, and sweeping the long tail, stupid and cute.

In the past, Godzilla’s neck, but can not turn, neck with a small head, you can imagine how it was bullied by the subordinate food chain.

The current Godzilla is different. It is no longer a problem to deal with the same type of birds. It is a paw.

The same type of orangutan, it can also bully, of course, hand-torn arthropods are no problem.

This Godzilla enamel pin is a brave, isn’t it what we humans want to learn?

Collect our Godzilla enamel pins, it is a spiritual performance!