Green prickly pear enamel pins

Designs: Custom prickly pear lapel pins design acceptable

Artwork: Free proof for custom prickly pear enamel pins

Size: One inch

Material: Die struck steel/ Zinc alloy

Plating: Gold/Silver

Colors: Soft enamel color/Hard enamel color

Package: Each unit packed in Opp bag, gift box package available.

Shipping: Delivered by DHL/UPS/FedEx/TNT express company

Time: 7-12 days production time, 2-4 shipping time.

Price: As low as US$0.35 per unit.


Green prickly pear enamel pins

Look at our green prickly pear enamel pin, whose body is like a jade ball, and like a cute little hedgehog.

The cactus is covered with a small steel needle like a small thorn. Do you dare to touch it?

When you are praising the evergreens of the pines and cypresses, and the strong and unyielding plum blossoms, is it right? Praise the peculiarity of the prickly pears!

This is the same as our enamel pins designer, who work day and night and has a strong and unyielding spirit.

They always take the customer’s requirements very seriously, and use the spirit of fortitude to create each enamel pins for your service.

On the top of the enamel pins, there is a small pink flower. Although it is not eye-catching, it always grows tenaciously.

It feels like every one of us can have such tenacious vitality, then your life must be glorious.

The kind of fearlessness in the enamel pins – the spirit of perseverance, is it a deep earthquake!