Golden airplane enamel pins

Designs: Custom airplane lapel pins design acceptable

Artwork: Free proof for custom airplane enamel pins

Size: One inch

Material: Die struck steel/ Zinc alloy

Plating: Gold/Silver

Colors: Soft enamel color/Hard enamel color

Package: Each unit packed in Opp bag, gift box package available.

Shipping: Delivered by DHL/UPS/FedEx/TNT express company

Time: 7-12 days production time, 2-4 shipping time.

Price: As low as US$0.35 per unit.


Golden airplane enamel pins

There is a golden airplane enamel pin that flies from a distance.

You can find out from the following aspects, what are the beauty of our enamel pins aircraft.

From the front of the enamel pins, it has two layers of wings, which are clearly visible in the cockpit of the aircraft.

The nose is equipped with four propeller blades, which are connected to the engine inside the fuselage.

Viewed from the side of the enamel pins, the golden body is fitted with two black hanging windows. On the left side of the plane, there is a door. The shape is real and lifelike!

Our airplane company’s badge, you will not regret it., how smooth it flies, is like an eagle with wings stretched and glides on the blue sky.

The overall gold and black combination of the enamel pins reflects the three-dimensionality of the aircraft.

The enamel pins plane, like the arrow that is off the string, whizzes past our heads and directs the blue sky.

Why can we design such a high level of enamel pin?

Because we have a professional enamel pins design and development team.

There are also skilled manufacturing personnel and high level designers.

Please choose our company’s enamel pins, you will not regret it.