Custom lapel pins different designs

Any type for custom lapel pins are available, size can be from 0.75 inch small size to 3 inch big pins. Quantity can be one unit, also can be 1000000pcs.


Custom lapel pins different designs

Do you always asked for different lapel pins?

To meet the requirements, we produced all the process available.

Like: Soft enamel, hard enamel pins, die struck, printing pins, photo etched lapel pins.

Different Lapel pins have their own significance. Designer make the pins at different size.  So the look and feel is vital.

Demand is only a very small part of it, But it’s a very important factor.

Can’t help asking, is there a shortcut behind a successful lapel pin?
The answer is,
What is the shortcut?
Each pin is a myriad of functional supports.
Countless functions are the support of countless demands.
And the path of demand points to the ultimate heart.
It directly leads to the extent of your custom lapel pins.

Designer should research the different requirements form the clients to make out a custom design.

Custom lapel pins different designs

soft enamel pins

Size: Any size from 0.75 inch to 3 inch

Thickness: 1.5 mm – 3.0mm

Style: soft and hard enamel lapel pins

Finish: gold/silver/black/bronze

Attachments: butterfly clutch pins

Packaging: Individual Poly bag or Gift Boxes

Normal Price: US$0.25-0.55 per unit.

Production Time:7-9 days

Shipping Time: 3-4 days.

Better Finish Company design and produce the different custom enamel pins:

Hard Enamel Pins, Soft Enamel Pins, Die Struck Pins, Print Lapel Pins, Photo Etched Pins, Flag Pins and ….

Soft Enamel Pins Christmas Pins Attachments, Package, Plating Reference:

Custom lapel pins different designsCustom lapel pins different designs

Custom lapel pins different designs