Blue Rotary International Pins

One inch diameter size, 1.5mm thickness, made from zinc alloy material. Gold plating. Blue hard enamel color. Wholesale price is US$0.30-US$0.40 per unit. No Minimum Order Limited.


Rotary International Pins

The gear shaped blue rotary international pins filled with hard enamel. Gold plated polished shinny metal and flat hard enamel surface.

Learn more our production process information about how to make rotary international gear shaped blue hard enamel pins.

You may notice that, similar with the horse pin, this rotary pin is also custom cut out of the gear shape. To make this shape, best material is zinc alloy. Using the injection process.


Rotary club lapel pins, have lot of different custom designs, all over the world. Any custom designs welcome from your country.


We not only make the rotary lapel pins, but also make rotary medals, coins, and car emblem.