Soft Enamel Blue Ribbon Pins

A soft, powdery-blue ribbon pin is a sign of support for those living with stomach or gastric cancer.

We also can make the blue ribbon coins, medals.



This blue ribbon pins designed using the blue ribbon logo. The most well-known image of the blue ribbon is to show support for youngster misuse and avoidance. The ribbon tone additionally addresses hostile to harassing, sex bondage mindfulness, and dependence recuperation mindfulness. The blue ribbon coins maybe also welcome.

What is the blue ribbon for cancer? That is Stomach cancer lapel pin.

What really does Blue Ribbon mean on a tree? Like blue ribbon pins on tree.
April is Child Abuse Prevention Month!

Building a Blue Ribbon Tree is one way every local area can uphold Child Abuse Prevention Awareness. Kid Abuse is a delicate theme to examine with youngsters, which is the reason this supplemental freebee was made.