Black Dogs

1.25 inch size, 1.5mm thickness, made from zinc alloy material. Gold plating. Black enamel color. Wholesale price is US$0.36-US$0.45 per unit. No Minimum Order Limited.


Black dog pins

The walking black dog pins, can stand on the desk like a real dog. Black hard enamel is pure black color.  Clients can change the coat color freely. So it is easy to make yellow dog, white dog, or colorful dog pins.

Learn more our production process information about how to make black dog hard enamel pins.

You will got the different colors dog pins easy. That will help you retail more pins for different clients.

Some clients make small order with different enamel colors. It can use the same hard mold to save much cost.

Better Finish Company make the pins with different enamel colors, also plate the pins with different plating colors.

But most are silver/gold/bronze plating color. Especially like the award medals. Most are the three color plating.