The most beautiful guitar enamel pins

Designs: Custom guitar lapel pins design acceptable

Artwork: Free proof for custom guitar enamel pins

Size: One inch

Material: Die struck steel/ Zinc alloy

Plating: Gold/Silver

Colors: Soft enamel color/Hard enamel color

Package: Each unit packed in Opp bag, gift box package available.

Shipping: Delivered by DHL/UPS/FedEx/TNT express company

Time: 7-12 days production time, 2-4 shipping time.

Price: As low as US$0.35 per unit.


 guitar enamel pins

There is a book waiting to be flipped, there is a guitar enamel pin, waiting to be worn by you.

Sometimes, the lover is waiting to be appreciated; sometimes there is a cup of tea waiting to be tasted. Our enamel pins has been waiting silently.

The guitar, also known as the ukulele, is a plucked instrument that usually has six strings and is shaped like a violin. Our enamel pins are more beautiful.

Guitars are often used as major instruments in popular music, rock music, and folk songs.

In the field of classical music, guitars often perform in the form of solo or duo. In orchestral music, the guitar is sometimes a foiled instrument.We will have other enamel pins in the future.

Classical guitars, violins and pianos rank among the world’s three major instruments.

On your collar, with a delicate and compact guitar emblem, you can hear beautiful melodies flowing out of your body, beautiful and beautiful.

Bring a enamel pins, let go of your urgency, enjoy life, and be a companion to you!