The piglet enamel pins

The piglet enamel pins he designed with a brush are like his own, full of life.

Each pig has different gestures and images.

It is not rigid, rigid, cold and lifelike.

A perfect combination of “jade” and “pig” is made, and the characteristics of jade are depicted.

It’s unforgettable.

It’s not all about jade, but a unique form of artistic expression.

Every subject has its unique charm for thousands of years.

Although they are quite different, they have their own merits, which make people respect them.

The designer of the badge is the driver of the soul. He will make a lonely and cold mold piece by piece.

Inject your own thoughts, activate and give it the life and posture it should have!

The piglets under the white knife, like their own, are full of life.

Each pig has different posture and image. It is not rigid, hard, cold, and lifelike.

Perfect combination of “copper” and “pig” posture.

It is impressive to use the characteristics of jade itself to depict it. It’s not all about jade.

It is a unique form of artistic expression.

* pigs, rich in meaning, have been used for many occasions since ancient times.

At the same time, the cute and honest * shape of pig is one of the themes that many people like.

The bronze emblem works are more round and full, simple and lovely.

1. Title of the Golden List

In ancient times, when scholars acquired fame and fortune, they would ask for calligraphy to nominate “Zhu Shu”.

2. The house is full of children and grandchildren

Pigs are large and one child can breed many piglets. Pigs can bless their sons, fulfill their wishes, inherit blood, and symbolizes their grandchildren.

3. Increasing financial resources

Pigs are all treasures, which can meet all our needs.

Secondly, the body of a pig is huge and huge.

Wearing a pig badge or pig custom embroidery patches can help us get rich.

It is difficult to insist on and go deep into a seemingly conventional subject.

Each creation needs to study the various characteristics of copper, in order to give different forms to make the best engraved badges and custom engraved coins. Points, lines and surfaces also need to be considered in order to present the works best.