Who is the pig Lapel Pins suitable for

The pig Lapel Pins suitable for?

The meaning of pig is beautiful, so there are more and more ornaments for pigs.

What does the pig mean? And what kind of people are they wearing pins for pigs?

The implication of pigs is probably the following:

1) The metal badge or embroidery badges of fortune-seeking and fortune-seeking:

Very suitable for business people

Pigs are usually called “lucky pig” or “fat pig”. Because their body is simple and charming, it presents a kind of magnanimity. It can be said that the whole body is a treasure, so it symbolizes the endless wealth, and the lucky pig who wears a fat ear for a long time can get wealth and fortune and get rich in money.

2) children’s grandchildren’s pig pins or pig custom coins:

Suitable for pregnant women and the elderly!

Pig breeding and reproductive capacity is very strong, can produce more than a dozen pigs at a time, so pigs are also used as a symbol of Ding Caiwang and grandchildren. Long wearing jade carving pigs can protect the pregnant woman from giving birth to a healthy and healthy child.

3) a successful pig enamel pins:

Suitable for children who are still studying

In ancient times, if Xiucai needed to take an exam, when he became a senior official, he would ask calligraphers to inscribe his name on the Yanta Pagoda with Zhu Bi, while the hoof of of a pig’s hoof was a homophonic title, implying the meaning of the title of the Golden List.* In fact, even now, there are still many people who will cook pork hooves for their children before the children’s exam, hoping that the children’s exam will go smoothly and get the gold*list title.

4) lapel pins, a symbol of the spirit of advancing bravely.

Although pig looks simple and honest, gentle and reliable, but it is because of the reasons for raising in captivity, the real pig’s nature is very fierce. In ancient times, pigs were wild boars and easily bruised, so it was very difficult to catch in ancient times, and pigs were not stupid at all. They were also very smart, so pig theme ornaments also implied setbacks. In danger, we are not afraid of hardships and hardships, and we are courageous to move forward.